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Future-proofing Bioanalysis -   Contributing to a sustainable world

Oratorio di San Filippo Neri
Bologna, Italy
19-20 March 2020


Agenda 6th YSS – v. 22-JAN-2020

Thursday 19 March 2020
15:00     Registration desk opens
16:00 16:10   Welcome 
16:10 17:30   Session 1: Is non-standard the new standard?
16:10 16:30   Connor Walker (Arcinova)
      Non-standard technique in a regulated environment:  what considerations come with it?
16:30 16:50   Rebecca Kunz (Nuvisan)
      Flow Cytometry – fit for regulatory requirements?
16:50 17:10   Salvatore Calogero (Swiss BioQuant)
      FACS in the bioanalysis 
17:10 17:30   Eugenia Hoffmann (F. Hoffmann-La Roche)
      Impact of drug/anti-drug antibody complexes on drug pharmacokinetics: advanced bioanalysis for a better understanding of immunogenicity
17:30 19:30   Science Café: A Sustainable Future
      Format: round table
      During this session we want to engage you how we can contribute to a sustainable future.
      This includes e.g. stimulating or applying the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) and/or the principles of green lab/chemistry…
      We are preparing a dynamic round table discussion where all of you can contribute.
19:30     Free evening in Bologna – Nothing organised by the EBF
Friday 20 March 2020
08:30 08:35   Good Morning
08:35 08:50   Feedback from the Science Café
      Connor Walker (Arcinova)
08:50 10:20   Session 2: Rethinking Matrix
08:50 09:10   Michele Protti (Unibo)
      Unraveling details and potentials of VAMS technique: towards the raise of a new golden standard
09:10 09:25   Camilla Marasca (Unibo)
      Novel microfluidic-based sampling for therapeutic drug monitoring of patients under treatment with the antidepressant drug vortioxetine
09:25 09:40   Virginia Brighenti (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
      New Analytical Tools for the Study of Bioactive Polyphenols in Prunus avium L. (sweet cherry) and Evaluation of their Anti-oxidant Activity on an In vivo Model.
09:40 09:55   Maaike Bruin (The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI))
      Development and validation of an LC-MS/MS method with a broad linear dynamic range utilizing natural isotopologue transitions for quantification of tivozanib 
09:55 10:10   Jana Verstraete (UGent)
      The simultaneous quantification of thiamine, its phosphate derivatives and precursors in Arabidopsis thaliana: validation and application.
10:10 11:00   Coffee break and Poster Focus 1
(10:10) (10:25)   Poster Pitch 1/2 – – Four poster contribution signed up get the podium for 2-min/1-slide to focus the delegates on their work
11:00 12:30   Session 3: Before we digest….let’s digest.
11:00 11:15   Bas Sleumer (PRA Health Sciences)
      The differences between digested and intact protein analysis: determination of somatropin in rat plasma.
11:15 11:30   Lisa Delahaye (UGent)
      Determination of paracetamol-albumin adducts via LC-HRMS
11:30 11:45   Matthew Franklin (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
      Changing up protein digestion during sample preparation to improve protein quantitation from the very beginning
11:45 12:00   Karen de Jong (Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI))
      Multiplexed digestion vs. intact quantification of monoclonal antibodies with LC-MS
12:00 12:15   Terence Hetzel (Bayer)
      Determination of thorium-conjugated monoclonal antibody from monkey plasma by different LC-MS technologies
12:15 13:10   Lunch break – Poster Focus 2
(12:15) (12:30)   Poster Pitch 2/2 – Four poster contribution signed up get the podium for 2-min/1-slide to focus the delegates on their work
13:10 14:30   Session 4: It’s what’s inside that counts
13:10 13:30   Coral Munday (LGC)
      Fit-for-Purpose Validation: A Non-Standard Approach for a Non-Standard Biomarker Assay
13:30 13:50   Mondanelli Giada (University of Perugia)
      Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 2 as new biomarker of tumor progression
13:50 14:10   Malleswari Challagundla (AbbVie)
      Development and validation of alpha-synuclein aggregation assay using surrogate matrix
14:10 14:30   Tessa McDonald (Unilabs York Bioanalytical Solutions)
      Qualifying the measurement of endogenous and synthetic spiked pharmacodynamic biomarker in matrix, in the presence of drug
14:30 15:30   Session 5:  Compete to Collaborate!
14:30 14:50   Rebecca Taylor (Covance)
      Investigating generic PK methods of quantifying human monoclonal antibodies in pre-clinical species by LC-MS and ligand-binding assays. 
14:50 15:10   Chris Williams (QPS Netherlands)
      Hybrid LC-MS ligand binding assays for bioanalysis
15:10 15:30   Rebecca Paterson (Charles River Laboratories)
      Antibody Drug Conjugate Bioanalysis – An opportunity for LBA and LC-MS Synergy?
15:30 16:00   Coffee break – poster viewing
16:00  16:10   Announcement 2020 YSS Best Poster Winner
 16:10 17:25   Session 6: ADApting
 16:10 16:25   Hannah Craig (Covance)
      Biosimilar ADA assessments using the Gyrolab platform
16:25 16:40   Fanni Suomi (Syrinx Bioanalytics)
      Concentration analysis and immunogenicity testing of next generation oligonucleotides and targeted delivery molecules
16:40 16:55   Cara Gunning (Charles River Laboratories)
      Approaches to Improve Drug Tolerance in Immunogenicity Assays
16:55 17:10   Zoe Whiffen (LGC)
      Anti-PEG: past, present and future difficulties in a regulated environment
17:10 17:25   Adam Williams (AstraZeneca)
      Development of a method for detection of anti-drug antibodies against the PEG component of a lipid nanoparticle drug product
17:25 17:30   Closing Remarks and Adjourn