EBF Focus

8th EBF Young Scientist Symposium

Into the Roaring Twenties

Radisson Blu, Hasselt (Belgium) 19-20 May 2022


Covid-19 statement at bottom of this page


EBF was founded in 2006 at the initiative of 12 pharmaceutical companies, all of them having bioanalytical lab activities in Europe. The goal of bringing these companies together was to implement a platform for discussions of science, day-to-day procedures, business tools, technologies and last but not least regulatory issues. Until 2010, EBF membership was limited to companies involved in bioanalytical activities in a pharmaceutical research and development environment in Europe. From 2011 onwards, the EBF welcomed CROs involved in bioanalytical activities in a pharmaceutical research and development environment in Europe. Since 2010, the EBF became a non-profit organisation (vzw) established pursuant to the Belgian Act of 27 June 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations. Currently, the EBF counts 74 members (January 2021).

EBF organises three meeting formats:

1.Focus Workshops: in normal years, these 1 or 1.5 days workshops are organised around themes of high or urgent interest for the EBF community or to connect the EBF with adjacent disciplines to create synergy or learn. Themes may be scientific or process related. Focus Workshops are non-sponsored meetings. They are mostly organized within a relatively short lead time and have a frequency of 2 times/year (one in spring http://springfocus.e-b-f.eu  and one in autumn http://autumnfocus.e-b-f.eu/ ).

2.Open Symposium: Ever since 2008, the EBF organizes a yearly Open Symposium in the 3rd or 4th week of November in Barcelona (Spain). This Open Symposium has become a landmark for bioanalytical discussions in EU and has created a true Forum-like spirit where people meet and open discussions during sessions and presentations contribute to the development of an open mind in bioanalysis. For details of the meeting see https://bcn.e-b-f.eu .

3.Young Scientist Symposium: Since 2014, the EBF organizes an YSS on the day before the Open Symposium. The format was developed to create a development opportunity for young scientist to engage in international discussions. Creating a peer community of young scientists has been a proven recipe to lower the threshold for engagement in this community of young talents. For details of the meeting see https://yss.e-b-f.eu

Covid-19 statement

If EU-government imposed international travel restrictions make an on-site meeting impossible, the EBF will provide alternative options as per 7th EBF YSS dynamics, i.e. regional hubs in combination with cyberspace.

The EBF will only allow FULLY VACCINATED delegates to the meeting. Fully vaccinated = when picking up your badge at the registration desk, ready to show (paper or digital) proof of being fully vaccinated with an EMA authorised vaccine included in the EU Digital Covid Certification (or equivalent, i.e. NHS COVID Pass, paper proof for outside-EU delegates). Failure to comply will result in not being admitted to the meeting area and will be managed as ‘cancelled after 01 May 2022’.

This Covid-19 statement can/will be updated with additional requirements as communicated by the Belgian Government.