EBF Focus

7th Young Scientist Symposium

Reconnecting after Quarantine

The meeting will be organised on 10 and 11 June 2021, simultaneously as a local event in different regions in combination with cyberspace meeting
– see TRAVEL AND LOCATION for more information


As in other years, the meeting agenda will be build via submissions sent to us as part of the call for speakers

This year the call for speakers will be released around Early February.

It’s our planning to build the meeting as follows:

1.A Science Café during the morning of June 11th. The theme of this year’s Science Café is “How has Covid-19 changed our future? “

  This year, the YSS-OC want to engage you how Covid-19 has impacted our (professional) careers, i.e. things we lost, for good or for bad – things we gained, wanted or unwanted, things we learned about ourselves and our industry. The YSS-OC will prepare a dynamic panel discussion where all of you can contribute.

2.Plenary/breakout session : Oral presentations and a 2-min poster pitch during a on June 10th and June 11th , both in the afternoon. 

  • Sustainability with 1y of progress: what have we done?
  • Miniaturisation and automation.
  • Biomarkers and CoU: an uphill journey for young scientists?
  • An LBA  session
  • A Chromatographic session
  1. We plan to include a short tutorial ‘what you should know on ADA as chromatography expert” and “what you should know on chromatography as LBA/Cell bases assay expert”

Anticipated deadlines: 

  • Abstracts for oral presentations: 15 March
  • Astracts for posters: 15 April