EBF Focus

9th EBF Yound Scientist Symposium

It's a New Dawn

Defining our (Bioanalytical) Future Together

Radisson Blu, Hasselt (Belgium) 11-12 May 2023

The meeting will be held at the Radisson Blu in Hasselt, Belgium.

Unless your registration fee is waived, the easiest way to book your hotel is to register for the full package (hotel room included), in which 2 nights are included at special rate. Go to the tab “Register now” and use on “Meeting + Accommodation”.

If you want to make your own booking (e.g. you registration fee was waived), you can book via this link: Link to Radisson Blu – Hasselt or any other Hotel in Hasselt.

Hasselt is a small vibrant (university) town located in Flanders, Belgium with a direct train connection from Brussels and the Airport. From Germany or the Netherlands, it is easily accessible by train or car.