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The meeting will be organised simultaneously in
different regions on 24 and 25 September 2020 combined with a live streaming
– see TRAVEL AND LOCATION for more information


Covid-19 travel restrictions has forced the EBF YSS to change the format of its original planned event (from a single venue event (19-20 March, Bologna, Italy – already re-planned to 24-25 September) into multi-location event combined with live-streaming (24-25 September).

The 6th YSS will be organised simultaneously at different sites in different regions, covering all EU regions which young scientists could reasonably reach by train/car/local travel. The regions we identified are: UK-North, UK-Mid/South, Benelux, Italy, Switzerland/South-Germany, Rest-of-Germany, Denmark/Sweden and Spain/South of France.

This spread should facilitate young scientists to travel locally to the meeting and still benefit from face to face interactions as good and safe as possible.  We keep our fingers crossed that young scientists from other regions could still be allowed to travel to one of above regions. Alternatively, they could join (part of) the meeting via live streaming.

We are currently identifying the different sites. Two venues have already decided: U-Bologna (Italy) and U-Ghent (Belgium). We will add other venues once we get confirmation of their availability within the given Covid-19 restriction circumstances