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The meeting will be organised simultaneously in
different regions on 24 and 25 September 2020 combined with a live streaming
– see TRAVEL AND LOCATION for more information

EBF Patronage companies 2020

The EBF want to thank following member companies for their support

Join the EBF YSS Patronage:

The EBF Young Scientist Symposium (YSS) is a unique initiative in industry. The YSS builds on the 4th bullet of the EBF Mission Statement (https://e-b-f.eu/home-2/ : Provide development opportunities for EU based scientist by joining cross company collaborations and contributions to peer reviewed journals, international meetings and symposia). It is investment we are all making as a community.

As per design, the YSS is a yearly 1.5-day symposium organised by and for young scientists and emerging talents. It allows them to develop and grow in a comfortable and at the same time scientifically challenging environment. Over the last 5 years we have seen emerging talents stepping up as organisers of or contributors to the meeting and from there become part of the international scientific peer community.

To safeguard this important meeting in the currently changing environment, the EBF has decided to introduce the EBF YSS Patronage initiative. We believe this should not be identical to regular sponsoring but as a supportive patronage of a non-profit initiative.

YSS Patronage is open for all EBF member companies, is valid for 1y and will result in your organisation’s logo being uploaded on the YSS website (on a separate link “EBF YSS Patronage”) and until the announcement of the next YSS (in this case until the announcement of the 7th YSS). In addition, your company’s name will be included in all pre- and post-meeting communication (including acknowledgment in potential YSS Conference reports).

Signing up for EBF YSS Patronage for 2020 can be done by filling out this registration form. The financial support you commit to is 1000 Euro